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SQUEEEEEEE!!!!! I was so very excited to see this film after waiting for months and seeing the excellent trailers. I was not at all disappointed! I haven't read the book since it came out, so I didn't have enough memory of the details to nitpick much. Also, I have come to have a fairly relaxed attitude to the films in terms of their closeness to the books; I think of them as super shiny picture supplements rather than replacements, and that means I am able to forgive the shortcomings more easily than I usually can with film adaptations. I'll start with these.

-I imagined Prof. Slughorn as much more slimy than the teddy-bearish Jim Broadbent. Not that he wasn't good, but he was just a bit too loveable for a character who is actually quite a sleazeball.
-Prof. Trelawney was cut out completely, which seems a shame because she was an important plot device in terms of the prophecy and the Room of Requirement
-I thought Dumbledore had put a paralysing spell on Harry before Draco came in, so Harry couldn't have reacted if he'd wanted to. I also didn't remember Snape seeing him there, but maybe I just didn't remember correctly. Perhaps the latter was on purpose though, to show that Snape had no intention of harming Harry. Also Dumbledore's 'Please' definitely didn't sound like a plea for mercy, again perhaps to make it more obvious that Snape isn't a baddie.
-I thought there was continued Dumbledore's Army activity in HBP, and if so this was completely cut out in the film. Poor Neville was reduced to a few cameo shots, but I thought he was somewhat important in HBP. Again, these could be my faulty memory.
-This book is probably one of the most complex of the series, so inevitably it felt rushed even at 153 minutes. It would probably have taken at least another half hour to include what I would have considered the minimum decent exposition, but viewing the film as a supplement rather than a replacement it was ok.
-No mention of Remus and Tonks being in the family way. I was sure this was in HBP, am I wrong?
-Very slight mention of Sirius at the start, without showing any of Harry's difficulty dealing with Sirius' death. Only his impetuous chasing after Bellatrix Lastrange reminded you that he had a particular grudge against her.
-Fenrir Greyback was almost non-existent. No Weasley siblings older than the twins, though Charlie and Bill should have big parts to play. Also no Fleur Delacour.
-The attack of Hogwarts at the end consists of a handful of Death Eaters committing some vandalism and buggering off, rather than the full-on fight with the Order of the Phoenix.
-The title is given a very short shrift- it isn't explained how Snape realises that Harry had been using his potions book and knew about the HBP. He also doesn't react strongly enough to Harry's accusation of cowardice.

Overall, though, I was quite happy with the film, and realise that most of the cuts and changes were due to time constraints. I very much enjoyed the film, and it made me want to re-read the books and look forward to the last two films, so I guess it did it's job!
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