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Last night was the first rehearsal, such as it was, of the Baroque ensemble I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. At the moment it consists mostly of recorders of all shapes and sizes (I really had no idea there were so many!), but there is also a harpsichord (last night however the chap was playing on a fortepiano), a harp, a bassoon, a ye olde style wooden flute, and the person running the thing, Claire, who is a cellist. One of the great things about being a violist is that people are so happy to see you- Claire spent much of the evening expressing her joy at having a viola there, and how important the viola was in Baroque music. Happy days! We just sight read some simple music by Purcell and Handel, and it was odd playing in the Baroque style, with the weird bow grip and no vibrato. I really enjoyed it and felt energised by even simple music in a way I haven't felt for probably 4 years. The prospect of chamber ensembles- MY FAVOURITE!!!!- is also dangling, with Claire saying she is extremely keen to have some up and running. The main thing now is that we really need more string players! At least 3 violins, another viola and another cello would be ideal, and she's also working on getting a bass. I really want this group to work out, because I think it could be really amazing, so please, any Fife string players out there, get in touch, or spread the word!
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Happy 200th birthday to my alma mater, Miami University! (That would be the REAL Miami, folks, not the rubbish one in Florida that copied off Ohio.) May you have many more happy and successful years of producing some of the best graduates in the Midwest!


Feb. 6th, 2009 11:30 am
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I have 22,500 miles on the Flying Blue airmiles programme, and they need to be spent by April or they will expire. It turns out that 20,000 is enough for a round trip flight within the UK and also between the UK and any of the following: Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland. Now, let's say I could get an award flight. I would have to go sans the boy, as Gary won't fly and there aren't enough miles for him anyway. This means it would probably just be a wee weekend jaunt by myself (unless anyone cares to join me!). The biggest limitation is that I have to fly a SkyTeam airline, and from either Edinburgh or Glasgow that means AirFrance to Paris or KLM to Amsterdam. Now, I find myself quite fancying a weekend trip to Paris, especially if the transport is free, and it would then just be a matter of a place to stay (*bats eyelashes at [ profile] sidoo*) and the cost of food, activities and getting to and from airports. I should be able to just about afford that.

The other options for the miles are less useful. If I take a paid flight by September on KLM or AirFrance they don't expire, but I have no intention of doing that. I can also donate my miles to charity. I don't have enough miles to use them for any other rewards options like hotel stays and such, so really it's between taking a trip and donating them. That's my dilemma. Any thoughts?

Edit: Tickets booked! Yay!
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Expressing the true spirit of Christmas: Christmas is for children!
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I don't usually participate, but this just needed to be shown. Huzzah for that great Irishman, Barack O'Bama!

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If I could direct everyone's attention to the 4th panel:

I've been saying this all week! Very amusing :)
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Those bloody Europeans, with their 'socialism' and high taxes. It's just terrible how successful rich people have to pay more taxes than struggling poor folk. And don't get me started on all that 'accessible health care for all' nonsense! Why should rich, healthy people be responsible for the health of the masses who can't afford the exorbitant costs of a private health care system designed to make a profit rather than provide actual health care? That's not what Jesus would want, I can tell you that! I mean, you would never see a story like this in Europe- no siree bob, this is a good old traditional American story! So all you liberal elitists, with your fancy book-learnin' and marrying outside your family can just take your 'safety nets' and 'social support services' and stick them up Lenin's arse. But don't you dare take my guns with you!

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I'm very much hoping that the weather is clear tomorrow, because I really want to see the recently restored Vulcan take to the skies at Leuchars! Sadly, it appears that this may be one of the last appearances of the Vulcan unless significant sponsorship can be found. Get your direct debits out folks! Save the Vulcan!


Sep. 5th, 2008 01:39 pm
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Jon Stewart is THE MAN!

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Britons less likely to be 'have-a-go' heroes. Well, it's no wonder really, when the news is full of stories of people who confront teenage vandals and the like, only to have rocks thrown at them, get beaten up or even get stabbed.
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